She liiiiiiives! Exciting news after a long break.

Well folks, it’s been awhile. (I prefer not to think how long of a while.) But I’ve got exciting news! A new walking adventure is in the works. It’s been in the planning stages for over a year now, and I didn’t want to say anything until it could be confirmed, but that time has come:

flightThe tickets are booked! Coming this July I will be traveling to Spain along with two other brave adventurers to walk the Camino de Santiago! For those unfamiliar with the Camino, it is essentially a 500 mile walk across Spain. It will be my first venture overseas, and I am beyond excited.

There is a lot to do between now and then. More planning, getting in shape, gathering gear, brushing off the dust and clearing out the cobwebs on this site…

More to come as plans progress!