Mission: To explore the US while reaching waypoints, meeting new characters, and completing quests.

As I advance through my Mission, I hope to unlock new quests along the way. If you have a worthy quest, feel free to send it on my way and I will add it to my Quest Log.

Quest Log

Okay….maybe not that last one.


15 thoughts on “Mission

  1. It would be nice if you could help with those prize-winning hogs because it “Sure is lonely being a pig farmer.”

  2. Minnesota, in the town of Darwin, has the Biggest Ball of Twine!

    As immortalized by Weird Al Yankovic in his classic song, “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.”

    “Where did he get the twine?
    What was goin’ through his mind?
    Did it just seem like
    a good idea at the time?”

    • I’d love to, some day in the future, take a road trip across America and visit all of those crazy World’s Biggest and wacky roadside stuff.

      Not sure about Minnesota on this trip, but definitely something to keep in mind.

  3. You should walk (at least part) of the Appalachian Trail. It is GORGEOUS up this way, and there are always people out on the trail that would love to stop and chat for a bit.

    • I’ve had a few friends hike the entire thing, GA to ME, and they all speak about it with love in their voices. Not sure if I’ll meet up with it this trip, but something I’ve thought about for a future adventure.

  4. You should go sailing on a Tall Ship. If you get over to the West Coast, the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain offer rides year-round, or you can volunteer for 2 weeks and be crew.

    • That? Sounds awesome. I wonder if they’ll let me bring my dog with me….something to definitely check out.

  5. I have put a shortcut on my desktop so that I can be part of you next journey. Appaladventurcia and Northh Carolina and Tennessee are awesome. I admire you as a great advenurer,
    Luv, Aunt KATHY

  6. If you find yourself in the Black Hills of South Dakota there is a little known place the locals like to pop in on once in a while called Steamboat Rock. It is just south of a little town called Nemo. The general surround is beautiful but if you ask at a gas station they’ll point you to it, not far off highway 385. It is a maze rock formation billions of years old that has some of the highest uranium activity of any surface rock. The natives found it to be sacred and on a clear night Satellites can pick up on it from space. While facing the rocks, if you look to your right you will see a grass path leading off. Follow that for about fifteen minutes and you’ll come to a clearing with a dead tree leaning. Take a left there and you’ll find yourself at the top of a cliffside looking across a sweeping valley. There’s a creek running below it and should you be lucky enough to encounter a thunder storm the clouds will flatten you against the cliff. It is fantastic, but might not compare to the ‘really really bigness’ of nearby Yellowstone.

  7. Your story is inspiring! That is so awesome that you inspired ANet to put you in the game 😀

  8. You will help me with my hogs, oh thank… Wait, what? What do you mean maybe not the last one? What about the grawl? They will get my hogs. If you walked all that way you could at least stop by and say hi. Maybe shoo one hog into the pen.

  9. I only heard about this because it was posted on the Arenanet blog.

    Inspired by the world explorer achievement in WoW, I’m currently one month into going around Europe visiting the places I’d previously only heard about in geography class or on the news. In my case I’m mounted though (motorbike).

    Thanks for doing this and for writing about it. It makes me feel a lot less crazy for doing this … especially the bit about where I got my inspiration. 🙂

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