Frequently Asked Questions about Anna, my trusty canine companion.

Anna, 2009 (picture taken by Fred Levy)

What kind of dog is Anna?

Anna is an Alaskan Husky, which is not an actual breed but more of a category of dogs. This means she’s basically a mix of Husky, Malamute, and mysterious other all combined to make her speedy and energetic. What I was told when I picked her up was that she was bred for maximum speed and distance on  minimum food and rest.

Is Anna a rescue dog?

I like to say I rescued her from a life of sadness as she watched her brothers and sisters compete only to never be invited to the race.

Anna comes from a dog sledding place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She was bred to be part of a dog sled team but alas didn’t make the cut. They decided she’d make a much better pet than a team dog – apparently being too focused on the people and not the team of dogs.  I found her online and as soon as I saw the picture I knew she was the dog for me. I had to promise never to breed or professionally race with her, which was not that difficult a promise to make, and then she was mine.

How old is Anna?

As of this writing Anna is 5.  Her birthday is July 2007.

How long have you had Anna?

Anna came home with me in October of 2007, so she was about 4 months old at the time.

puppy Anna

Did she really walk with you the whole way across the US?

Yup! She was with me every day. The only time we were apart was in Utah when she would ride half days due to the heat and paw troubles. And she loved (nearly) every minute.

Isn’t that kind of cruel, making your dog walk all that way?

Nope! As I said, Anna was bred for going long distances. She was born for this. She is a ball of never ending energy and is happiest when she’s outdoors, loving nothing more than walking and running all day.  Even when it was hot and she was panting and tired she’d still be wanting to go. I mean she loved stopping each night, especially if we were stopping in a hotel or guest in someone’s house, but she was up and ready to go bright and early each day.  She loves walking and she loves meeting new humans, so really she was pretty happy.



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