Here are some frequently asked questions I get tossed my way.

If you have anything you want to ask, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at

Why “Ameranth”?

I’ve been using the handle for nearly as long as I’ve been online.  Since I am just awful at coming up with names I’ve kept on using it. Also, my real name is taken most places online so it’s easier to just go by a handle.

Basically, years ago I was looking for a handle and liked the sound and meaning of “amaranth”, which meant “a flower that never fades/dies” in Greek mythology, has connections with Artemis, and was thought to be a symbol of immortality. From Aesop’s Fables:

An amaranth planted in a garden near a Rose-Tree, thus addressed it: “What a lovely flower is the Rose, a favorite alike with Gods and with men. I envy you your beauty and your perfume.” The Rose replied, “I indeed, dear Amaranth, flourish but for a brief season! If no cruel hand pluck me from my stem, yet I must perish by an early doom. But thou art immortal and dost never fade, but bloomest for ever in renewed youth.” – Wikipedia entry for “amaranth”

When I went to google your name all I found was XXX sites – are you an adult film star on the side?

No.  This is what I meant when I said my real name was already taken online. “Kelly Wells” is an American adult film star and has saturated the interwebs. So yeah, if you search for my real name you won’t get anything about me for a couple of pages. Which, again, is why I use Ameranth a lot of places.

Why did you choose “Ameranth” for your NPC in Guild Wars 2? Now you can’t have a character with your name!

I never use Ameranth as character names. The way I look at it is, Ameranth is me – my characters are not me. When I play games I don’t play as myself, so therefore would never name a character after myself. Make sense?

Do you plan on any more long distance walks?

I would love love love to go on more walking adventures. After the Erie Canal and walking across America I’ve really discovered a passion for long distance walking. At the moment I don’t have any specific plans but definitely am keeping my eyes and mind open for the next adventure.


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