Equipment List: Camino de Santiago


I only noticed when I collected it all together for this picture, but I have a color theme going on. Everything matches! 100% unplanned.

Here is the final gear list for El Camino de Santiago.  When I return I plan to revisit this list and write about what worked, what didn’t, and if I’d add or remove anything.  But for now, here it is.

Rain Cover
Hiking Shoes
2 Water Bottles
Water Purification Tablets
Sleeping Sack

– 2 Pairs of Shorts
– 2 T-Shirts (one hiking, one sleepwear)
– 1 Tank Top
– 1 Pair Yoga Pants (sleepwear)
– 1 Light Fleece Jacket
– 3 Pairs of Underwear
– 3 Pairs of Socks
– 2 Bras
– 1 Bandana

– Quick-dry Adventure Towel
– Toothbrush & Toothpaste
– Facewash
– Shampoo
– Contacts + Solution
– Glasses
– Earplugs
– Sunblock

– Cell Phone & Charger
– Bluetooth Travel Keyboard*
– Headphones
– Camera
– Fitbit & Charger

– Journal & Pen
– Knee Brace
– Wallet & Passport

A few hair ties and barrettes, a keychain flashlight, and that’s it. Let me know what you think – if you think I’m forgetting anything essential, what worked for you if you’ve walked the Camino, or what you would leave behind. Buen Camino!

*I know the keyboard is a real non-essential item. However, I want to blog and keep an electronic journal and I really dislike typing on a tiny phone keyboard for extended writing. I am okay with this.


Gearing up for the Camino de Santiago

It’s been awhile since my last announcement and the big trip to Spain is coming up fast now!  Only a couple of more weeks and I’ll be off. I am brimming with excitement to get back out there and on another walk.

These past few months have been spent going on hikes and long walks with Anna to get back into walking shape, and slowly collecting what gear I’ll need.

Honestly it’s been good motivation to get out and explore the Richmond area. I’ve explored quite a few local parks and hiking trails that I might have otherwise put off going to. Weather permitting, I’ve been taking Anna on at least one good hike per weekend.

Anna waiting for me to catch up on our Saturday morning hike.

Anna waiting for me to catch up on our Saturday morning hike.

As for gear….  A lot of the gear I used on both my Erie Canal walk and my walk across America I either already had or bought used. Which means five additional years down the road and I’ve really worn everything out.  So I’ve been slowly collecting new gear. Thankfully while this is a long walk I won’t actually need all that much.  Not all of this is new, but here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

– Backpack*
– Hiking Shoes
– Sleep Sack
– Pillowcase
– Flashlight
– Towel
– Water Bottle x2
– Knee Brace
– Solar Charger
– Plug Converter/Adapter
– First Aid Kit

– Hiking Socks x3
– Hiking Shorts x2
– Long Pants x1
– Tank Top
– T-Shirt
– Long-Sleeved Shirt
– Bra
– Underwear
– Swimsuit
– Bandana

Personal Items
– Phone & Charger
– Journal & Pen

And then of course Toiletries and other odds and ends like sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

What I still need to gather:
– Water Filter/Treatment
– Rain Jacket
– Rain Cover
– Travel Wallet
– Earplugs
– Camera
– Sandals
– Random stuff like dry shampoo, clothes pins, etc

I will of course update with a final gear list before I leave.  Hopefully I should have everything by next weekend.

*I really really wanted a new pack. Mostly because I love camping/backpacking gear and would love to collect them all. And it’s been awhile since I bought a pack. However it’s not in the budget and while it’s quite a bit larger than what I need, I do actually have a perfectly serviceable pack:

Old Blue, as I've been calling it.

Old Blue, as I’ve been calling it.

It’s a little stretched out and faded now, but Old Blue here has been with me for every adventure so far. On my back along the 400+/- miles along the Erie Canal and pushed along in a stroller for the 4000+/- miles across America.  It might be bigger, bulkier, and heavier than what I need, but it’ll join me for at least one more adventure across Spain.