About “Adventure Awaits”

Adventure Awaits started as a place to chronicle my awesome adventure of walking across the United States. (Which you can go back and read about Here.) However, that particular adventure came to an end when I walked into the ocean on November 11, 2011.

These days this blog is a place for whatever catches my fancy. Be it new adventures, self-appointed quests, gaming, cute pictures of my dog, or my attempt to write a book about my Walk (spoiler: it’s not going so well). Could be anything.


Contact info:

Feel free to contact me for anything – chat, questions, job offers, adventure proposals, whatever you want (except spam). I’m a friendly person.

Twitter: @_Ameranth

Instagram: instagram.com/ameranth

Email: Ameranth@gmail.com


Everything in this blog is true and my own words. Some names have been changed in the telling of stories within this blog.