Day 2 on the Camino Santiago – Hornillos to Castrojeriz

It seems crazy to me that it’s only day 2. I feel like it’s been longer.

Today started not-so-bright and early. The sun wasn’t even up yet when we woke and began the shuffling process of getting ourselves and our packs ready for the day. Which is unfortunate since there was a group that we have taken to calling the Young and Drunk who kept everyone else up with their loud shenanigans. 

Which I realize makes me sound like a scrooge, but there are Quiet Hours that start at 10pm and dammit I need my sleep! It felt like people were being loud all night long. That and coming and going into the room, making noise, and leaving the door open which let all the light in (which was right on my face since my bunk was next to the door).

And then someone’s alarm went off far too early (and far too loud…twice) for me.  It was not a very good night of rest is all I’m saying. Though I will say we got on the road a full hour ahead of our schedule and it was pretty good to get out and get going. 

We ended up leaving Hernillos a little before 6:30am and reached our breakfast destination of Hornitas by 9:18am – ahead of schedule! We had another delicious breakfast of bocadillos (we have come to a consensus that that is what they are called) and cafe con leche.  

Breakfast is definitely my favorite time of day on the Camino so far. It’s a lot of work before a meal, but it’s something to look forward to during those first few miles and so far it’s been the my favorite menu item of my meals. Which is saying something because the food has been wonderful on this trip. 

Honestly, for me, the food was one of the bigger worries. I was afraid finding vegetarian options would prove difficult, but that hasn’t been the case so far.  I’m just hoping these first few days prove to be the trend for the rest of the walk. 

After breakfast it was time to get back on the trail. Our guide books and research had told us that the morning would be all flat walking, with only one big incline the second half of the day. Let me tell you, the first half of the day was NOT flat. In fact the info had it backwards in that the first half of our day felt like nothing but giant hills, which thankfully was not what the second half was like.  I won’t say it was flat exactly, but it was a far cry from the first half of the day.

We ended the day in Castrojeriz a little past 1pm and ended up spending a bit more than normal for private rooms with their own bathrooms attached. After last night we all felt like we needed a good night’s sleep.

After settling our gear we decided to walk across town and find what the map told us was a supermarket and an ATM. The map was not exactly helpful on exact locations of these destinations and so we ended up walking around during some of the hottest part of the day for 5 km. Not our best move. But we did eventually find a small marketplace and an available ATM! By the time we made it back to El Manzano, our home for the night, we were all a little overheated, hungry, and grumpy. So pizza was ordered at the bar. That pizza was devoured in record time.

One thing we’ve all discovered is that by the end of our walking we’re not really hungry, but can’t wait for our bodies to signal for hunger and just need to re-fuel no matter what. 

The day definitely had it’s ups and downs but overall we are still going strong and spirits are high. And I am still loving all of the history, architecture, and general everything of Spain.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 on the Camino Santiago – Hornillos to Castrojeriz

  1. Keep on trucking. I am enjoying your verbiage as you guys make your trek. The photos are amazing also.

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