Day One on the Camino

I am sitting in an alburgue in Hornillos, Spain after a long, hot, dusty day of hiking and I’m feeling pretty good.  

Our first night in Spain was spent in a hotel in Burgos. The plan was to get a hotel the first night so we’d be well rested for the start of the long journey on the Camino.  It was a good decision. After a dinner out and exploring the city a bit we got a good night’s sleep and left Burgos today around 7:30 in the morning. Sadly the Cathedral was closed so no stamp for our Pilgrim’s Passport from our starting poiny of Burgos. But the weather was nice, my pack felt good, and otherwise it was a good start to the first day on the trail. 

Obligatory Pilgrims shoes with the symbol of the Camino shot.

The weather in the morning was sunny and blue skies with a slight breeze. Perfect weather for hiking. 
We passed by so many old buildings and picturesque scenes. It really started to sink in that, holy shit I’m in Spain! Achievement unlocked – first overseas adventure!

Around 10am we stopped to have a late breakfast/early lunch in Taradojos. I had a croissant with butter and jam, the most deicious coffee, and split a vegetarian bocadillo (possibly…there is some question on the name of what we ate) with Rebecca. It was perfect. 
After eating and resting for a bit it was back on the road.  The skies were dark and we heard a roll or two of thunder, but we were lucky and our path skirted the storm.

After a giant hill that just about killed my knees, we made it to our destination for the day.  We were lucky again and managed to get some of the last beds in a very nice alburgue here. We were able to take showers, wash our sweaty and dusty clothes, and now we’re just resting and waiting for dinner (which the alburgue provides for an additional minimal fee).
I was a little worried as the last big walk I did I pushed my gear, not carried it on my back.  But after walking 13 miles I have to say I’m feeling pretty good. Sore, obviously, but not as sore as I was afraid I’d be. We’ll see if that all changes in the morning, but as of right now I’m feeling very optimistic about this adventure.

(I have more, but even these pictures were a pain to upload so there might not be as many, if any, on posts in the future. If you want more pics, my Instagram is a good place to find them.)


2 thoughts on “Day One on the Camino

  1. HEY, It’s Unique! Happy 4th of July! I didn’t get a chance to wish you well before you left. I have been waiting for your trip to come so I can excitingly read every post and share with Capell and Envi! This is such an amazing experience for you! Be safe in Spain and throughout your inspiring journey!

    Many blessings!

    Unique H.

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