Equipment List: Camino de Santiago


I only noticed when I collected it all together for this picture, but I have a color theme going on. Everything matches! 100% unplanned.

Here is the final gear list for El Camino de Santiago.  When I return I plan to revisit this list and write about what worked, what didn’t, and if I’d add or remove anything.  But for now, here it is.

Rain Cover
Hiking Shoes
2 Water Bottles
Water Purification Tablets
Sleeping Sack

– 2 Pairs of Shorts
– 2 T-Shirts (one hiking, one sleepwear)
– 1 Tank Top
– 1 Pair Yoga Pants (sleepwear)
– 1 Light Fleece Jacket
– 3 Pairs of Underwear
– 3 Pairs of Socks
– 2 Bras
– 1 Bandana

– Quick-dry Adventure Towel
– Toothbrush & Toothpaste
– Facewash
– Shampoo
– Contacts + Solution
– Glasses
– Earplugs
– Sunblock

– Cell Phone & Charger
– Bluetooth Travel Keyboard*
– Headphones
– Camera
– Fitbit & Charger

– Journal & Pen
– Knee Brace
– Wallet & Passport

A few hair ties and barrettes, a keychain flashlight, and that’s it. Let me know what you think – if you think I’m forgetting anything essential, what worked for you if you’ve walked the Camino, or what you would leave behind. Buen Camino!

*I know the keyboard is a real non-essential item. However, I want to blog and keep an electronic journal and I really dislike typing on a tiny phone keyboard for extended writing. I am okay with this.


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