Countdown to El Camino de Santiago

Only one day left before we leave for Spain! Crunch time. The plan, for me, is to leave for Rhode Island tomorrow morning and visit with some family, then hop on a bus Saturday to ride into Boston to meet up with my fellow walkers, Rebecca and Joanne. And then it’s a long flight, a not so long train ride, a good night’s sleep and we’re off and walking!

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you might have noticed something missing from my latest gear picture:

Old Blue, as I've been calling it.

Old Blue, as I’ve been calling it.


Sadly, on my last practice trek Old Blue sprung a leak. I knew that there was fraying on the ‘corners’ of the pack (most likely caused by taking it in and out of the stroller repeatedly on my walk across America), but upon closer inspection I noticed that those frayed areas had gone through and evolved into actual holes. Enter a new last minute addition to my gear list – a new pack!

packIt’s not something I planned for, and it meant sacrificing some other planned purchases, but I do so enjoy shiny new adventure gear. I’ve spent the last day packing and repacking this thing, trying to whittle down the weight. I’ll post a final gear list in a separate post, but my final weight as of right now is just under 15lbs. My goal was a max limit of 15lbs so I’m still meeting that self imposed limit, but I was hoping for a bit less than that honestly.

We’ll see how it fares when I’m actually off and walking.

If you’d like to read about her packing list or a more detailed post about our planned route (which I realize I haven’t really talked about at all), head on over to Rebecca’s site: From Wanderland


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