This Time Last Year

I’m working on re-vamping and updating the website (so if you notice things disappearing or moving around, no worries, you’re not going crazy, that’s just me fiddling) and found this entry from about this time last year:

One Part Hippie, One Part Nerd, All Parts Awesome

Walking across the country, or any long term walk, is not always glamorous. Or even comfortable. I rarely know where I’m going to sleep each night, and more often than not sleep is on the ground in a tent. Showers are few and far between, and it’s hard to tell when I’ll even see a proper bathroom. It’s long and occasionally boring and hard work. It’s lacking most of the comforts of home.

So what do I miss most out of all of those comforts? Is it the easy access to a bathroom? The proper meals? The comfy bed and pillow?

No, what I miss most, and I what I end up thinking about a lot during the day, is pretty nerdy. Out of all of those comforts of home, I’d say the one I miss the most is video games.

A week ago or so I was climbing a mountain when at the top I suddenly heard an eagle scream. It was a pretty cool moment, hiking this old dirt camp road straight up a mountain, and then at the top a large field with an eagle soaring above. But what did I immediately think of? Assassin’s Creed and Guild Wars, both games that have eagle screams worked in to certain areas. And as much as I was enjoying the majesty of the moment, I suddenly had a strong longing to go scale tall buildings and jump in to hay carts. Or to run around in the cold of the Shiverpeaks and help out some dwarves.

I am totally enjoying myself, don’t get me wrong. I like the challenge of walking, talking to strangers, seeing the small little towns and farms. I like sleeping in a tent, and I have a super comfy sleeping bag. I don’t even really mind not having a proper bathroom to pee in. I just wish there was some way to hook up a solar powered Xbox 360 or a super laptop that I could play Guild Wars on now and then.

Because I am a nerd. True story.

That’s from June 25, just about a year ago now. I still remember in vivid detail that exact moment in West Virginia and hearing that eagle scream.  It was just one of a long list of really awesome moments on the road.

What amuses me is I’m pretty much in the opposite situation today.  I play a lot of video games these days (mostly down to Skyrim, LoL, and Guild Wars) and always have the comforts of home at my fingertips.  Instead of missing gaming, these days I’m missing being out there on the road. I miss sleeping in a tent, the feeling of accomplishment after struggling through the heat and hills all day, meeting strangers along the road…I miss it all.

I miss it all, but for now I’m enjoying the here and now and soaking up the pixelated adventures.  I have no doubt someday in the future I’ll be out having an offline adventure somewhere and be thinking about gaming. Because that’s just how I roll.


2 thoughts on “This Time Last Year

  1. Have you considered creating your own business involving walking? Walking trip consultation or something like that. Then you could explore to your heart’s content, and sell your knowledge of the areas you checked out. I’ve seen other walkers who went on to create their own businesses (mostly side businesses, I think), or became writers, writing about walking and walking fitness, etc. etc.

    I hope you find what works for you and makes you happy! That’s the most important thing.

    • Actually, I have! While on the road I came up with what I think was a really awesome business idea. Basically, I wanted to bring the adventure/walking to you (general you). I’d have a van with some basic gear etc and I’d travel around and have general “I am Here doing This, sign up!” and then lead a fun trip. I like the idea of aiming it at girls and women, since I met so many women who wanted to get out and explore but just didn’t feel confident or comfortable doing it alone. This would not only give them that chance, but also help build connections, possibly even with other women in their area.

      The problem with this awesome idea is that while I’m totally on board for leading trips and traveling and doing awesome things, I have absolutely no head for business.

      I’ve got a few posts planned talking about what I want to do/what makes me happy. So there will be more details in the near future!

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