How awesome is this? The real ending:

I’ve been sitting on this info since November, but I can finally tell you all about the amazing ending to my adventure.  Sure, sure, technically it ended at 11am on 11/11/11, but for me the real amazing ending happened about a week later – when I walked into the doors of ArenaNet to meet the people who created a world that helped inspired my adventure in the first place.

We were invited in, given a tour of the (really really beautiful) studio by the Community Team (sans Martin, who sadly wasn’t in that day) and generally treated to a wonderful afternoon.  I got to meet people I had been following online in person for the first time.  And it was so cool to meet the people who inspired me and to find out they had been following my adventure and that I in turn had inspired some of them!

It was the absolute perfect ending to an amazing adventure.  A year earlier I was sitting in my apartment playing Guild Wars and lamenting about the lack of adventure in my life, and then there I was after having an epic journey actually meeting the people who created Guild Wars. My life was certainly not lacking anything in that moment.

And to add to the super coolness of it all, I am now in Guild Wars 2. My mind is still blown by that.  ArenaNet has a blog entry all about my NPC (Non Player Character, for those not in the know) and our adventure.  You should definitely go check it out: Meet Ameranth

My norn character talking with Ameranth and her trusty hound Anna, during the Beta Weekend Event in Guild Wars 2.


15 thoughts on “How awesome is this? The real ending:

  1. Wow, that is so incredible! I was always planning to upgrade to Guild Wars 2, but that just makes it even more amazing. What an awesome thing. You don’t even expect to appear as a blip on their screen and then they go and do that. 😀 That’s awesome.

  2. Awesome! Having “kids” that did the AT, I loved following you adventure with your Anna. Happy that the adventure continues!

  3. I glanced through your archive. What I find funny is that even though we live in Texas, we were up visiting relatives at the same time you were padding your way through Illinois. We may have driven past you. If I could go back in time I’d offer you a place to stay and a bite to eat. Anything for a fellow Guild Wars player.

    I’ll be looking for your NPC in my own Guild Wars 2 travels!

  4. Fantastic and inspirational. I really wish i had known about this and taken part, it looks like a fun thing to have done. Im quite shy and a self-isolationist so that sort of thing is very scary to me.

    I used to play guild wars 1, but never got very far back in the day. You make me wish i had taken part more, i intend to have an adventure in guild wars 2 and make some friends….maybe even go and visit them all!

    Are you planning on playing guild wars 2 at all? I would love to make your aqquaintance and perhaps go on a little adventure sometime. It couldn’t compare to anything you have done but it would be fun to meet you.

  5. This is insane, i read about your character from the guild wars 2 post and then felt the need to check out how this came to be, hearing about a women who had traveled so far i was inclined to read on, i just went through your old travels across the trail to across america and i read every single post you had made it was just mind blowing, reading how much you went through and everything you did, it seems like a real dream adventure to some people and you went out and did it, i have never seen anything like it before and i really respect that you did it, you and Anna just really make it seem like one grand adventure and a good read. thank you for posting everything you had and please tell us when your book comes out i will gladly buy a copy myself just to read this adventure one more time.

    From Ravalixx

  6. I’ve come full circle now, so I’m going to break out of my own shyness and comment. I read though your entire adventure across the US, and wow! I recently turned 30 myself, so imagining myself out on the open road, with my dog… it’s almost unbelievable, I truly admire your willpower and spirit. Enjoy whatever epic journey you find yourself on next (be it crossing physical distance or not!). I might not cross paths with you in this world, but looking forward to seeing your NPC in game at least! Congrats!

  7. What an adventure! I’m really happy you are now in-game! Thank you for having closed the gap between real life and video games.
    Greetings from France

  8. An amazing journey. One day I would love to do this!

    Also, what a lovely thing for the games developers to do. I will certainly keep an eye out for you in game! 😀

  9. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Kelly, to give Anna a pat, and to meet your Mom, as well. (Such a nice lady!) Here’s wishing all of you everything wonderful. I look forward to your future adventures in TWO worlds. ❤

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