You know what I think would be fun? Taking a road trip across America loosely following my walking path and seeing all the people who helped me along the way.  It’d be pretty nice to be able to let the ones who don’t follow online know that I made it safe and sound.

And road trips are always fun!

I’m imagining we’d go in a tricked out VW Van.

Travel in style! Plenty of room for a bed and storage of gear.

I think Anna would really take to van travel.  She’s excellent in a car (as many people across America can attest to), and I think she got a little bored with the constant foot travel.  I think travelling in a van, and taking day trips would really suit her.

We could stop places and do day hikes and explore areas we couldn’t get to while passing on foot.  Maybe schedule in some organized public/town walks.   Do some public speaking at local schools, encouraging kids to get outdoors and explore more. I don’t know. These are the things I contemplate and dream about. What my next adventure will be, what I’d do differently, different modes of travel.  It’s fun to plan and dream.


Edit to add:

After reading this blog entry my mother commented: And to think, that’s what I suggested you should have done the first trip.

To which I replied: Yes, but it wasn’t the right time for that kind of trip. I needed to go on foot first.

Which is true. Everything in it’s own time, and all that jazz.


12 thoughts on “Someday….

  1. If you’re interested in my little van, a fully equipped travel van that I used when I crossed America in 2009, you can have it. It would cost $6,000, quite a discount from what I bought it for ($12,000). The van is still in great condition and works just fine but my body doesn’t do as well as it used to with that kind of long-term stress, even though it was fun stress. There are pictures of it on my Facebook page and if you’d like it, you could fly out with Anna and start your journey from here. Let me know if you’re interested, sweetie.

    Love ya,

    • If only I had the time and luxury to be able to leave now! Sadly, this driving across America plan won’t be put into action for awhile yet. Just me dreaming of things for the future. 🙂

    • You guys are definitely on the list of people I want to visit!! Stop for a few days and go hiking or kayaking – I’m sure we could find some weekend adventure to go on!

    • That’s the problem with all my plans – they all cost money. And what with gas prices these days…probably not going to happen for awhile yet.

    • It would be something, wouldn’t it? Sadly, it’s probably not in my future for awhile yet. but it’s fun to dream about future adventures!

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