A Quick Update

For those of you wondering, yes, I’ve been working on writing a book all about my adventure walking across the US.

I had, rather foolishly optimistically, hoped to be done by now. That is very much not the case.  I got a good start back when I arrived in Maine, then sunk into a miserable depression and got nothing done.  I suppose, in retrospect, it shouldn’t have been so unexpected.  The combination of winter in Maine (cold, gray, short days) and ending such an awesome amazing adventure was quite a blow.

However, the tides have turned and I am back to being productive. Huzzah!

In the coming weeks I plan to post bits and pieces from what I’m working on for the book.  Chopping bits down to a good blog-entry size to give all you awesome loyal followers a sneak peak at what’s to come.

So thanks to those of you who have stuck with me, and if you have any questions you’d like to see me answer or topics you’d like me to write about, as always feel free to email me (ameranth at gmail dot com) or comment on any of the entries here.

And because I know you’re all curious, Anna has been doing great. She is, at long last, fully rested and recovered from our adventure. And she is just loving the snow. Forget all that desert, it’s all about the snow covered forests for Anna!

Anna, checking for more partridges in the trees.


6 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Glad to hear your fettle is fine once again. Good luck with your writing. It can be tough! But I’m sure you’ll “hit your stride” (hah! a walking pun) and start cranking out the pages before you know it.

  2. Love the picture of Anna! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures! So happy for you! Glad you’re doing better!

  3. Yay! Glad you’re feeling better, the winters are rough on all of us I think. I can’t wait to see the first flowers blooming this spring! Can’t wait to read parts of your book and then the whole thing! Great picture of Anna, give her a big hug from my kiddos, she’s a very loved dog from all over I’m thinking! =)

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