Look how much fun we're having!

The road trip back east was a lot of fun – as evidenced in the above photo.  I’m not going to go into too much detail right now, but if you want a more thorough report, with photos, head on over to my Mom’s blog.

It was a lot of fun, though. Got to see a lot more of the country – and places I had skipped by on the walk out.  We ended up going back through Utah and through Zion, then up towards Montana to see family, over to Minnesota to see my niece, and then zipping on up to Maine.

If you ever walk across America, I highly suggest getting back home with a road trip. Softens the blow, since you go from walking every day to driving-but-still-traveling everyday. I imagine it would have been a much more difficult transition to fly back and just BAM you’re done.

Plus, who doesn’t like a roadtrip?!

And now I’m back home.  At the moment, Home means back in Maine and staying with my parents.  Ultimately, my home is always changing.  I know that some part of me will always think of Maine – and New England in general – as home.  It’s where my parents are, where I spent most of my childhood, where a lot of friends still are.

But home to me, in all honesty, is not a building or a concrete place.   Home is a concept, a feeling, an idea.  Home is comfort and love. Home is wherever I am; wherever I end up laying my head at night.  Home is being with Anna and doing what I love, and that’s travel, having grand adventures, and connecting with people along the way.

Home is wherever I'm with you


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congrats on your trip and making it home safely!

    I just sent you an email–sent it before I read your blog update. If you are still in Maine when I walk out east, maybe you and Nate Damm can carpool to New York in November and greet me when I get there! That would be awesome! We could have a walker’s reunion. There’s a guy from New York who also walked America, too. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    Looking forward to meeting you Kelly! Good luck with all your future endeavors!

  2. Hello and glad to hear you and anna are home safe and sound. my daughter (jaimi) and her boyfriend (bryan) met you over the halloween weekend at joshua tree and told me about you. I also read your moms blog about the trip across country with your aunt to san diego. get rested up before your next trip. enjoy your life wishing you and anna happy trails. debbie butler

  3. That’s such a good picture. Anna looks as if she’s smiling. I would love to do a kayaking trip with you and Anna someday!

  4. “Alabama, Arkansas! I do love my ma and pa, not the way that I doooo love you!” =) Great entry and one of my favorite songs ever. Glad you’re home for awhile, can’t wait for your next adventure though…I have a feeling you’re not done traveling. =)

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