The Final Day

The day started with sleeping in, which is always awesome.  After lounging around I packed up my gear for the last time and head out the door.

Anna’s so excited it’s her last day walking!

It was an easy 6 miles to the ocean, and most of the way was on a beautiful bike path along the water.  There was an iffy part of the road as I passed Sea World, but mostly it was great walking.  The only weird part was the lack of eye contact or smiles from all the people in the park along the way. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure they all thought I was some homeless lady wandering through.  Which, if true, is kind of an insulting way to treat homeless people.

I walked onto Dog Beach to my Mom, Aunt Sally and a group of strangers cheering me on and congratulating me.  It was totally unexpected and amazing.  After shaking people’s hands and accepting congratulations, I parked my gear and Anna and I ran the final steps into the Pacific.

It was an amazing end to an amazing adventure.  There were strangers cheering me on and calling my name, a run into the water, Anna running around excitedly, an interview with a local news station, and even a pod of dolphins welcoming me to the ocean.

Anna and I, the end of an adventure


9 thoughts on “The Final Day

  1. How incredible! I’m envious and excited for you! The feelings you must have had when you walked out onto that beach, I can only imagine.

    Next year I’m planning to walk across America myself. I tried in 2009, but didn’t finish–too many issues at home I had to deal with, plus lack of funds didn’t help. But I’m excited to be trying again! I’m starting in Oregon on April 1st and plan to get to New York by Thanksgiving.

    Congratulations! Good luck in all your future endeavors. If you can do this, you can do anything!

    • Oh, that’s so exciting that you’re trying again! Go you! If you have any questions or just want to chat about planning etc, feel free to email me Ameranth(at)gmail(dot)com – I’d love to hear about your plans and your previous adventure!

  2. Congratulations to the both of you! This is a wonderful adventure you will keep with you the rest of your life. Something that no one can take away. When things get rough in life, you will be able to remember the times that made you stronger.

    Keep in touch. I would love to join you on an adventure sometime. Hey- how about that kayaking trip!

  3. Congratulations, Kelly and Anna: When you passed through Iowa in the heat wave, you’d only just begun. I knew you’d make it, even if Anna did have to wear those boots. I use the soap and socks you gave me everyday, and think very happily about your visit. Hope to see you again sometime.

    All the Best, Celia Dunnington, Iowa City

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