The plan, such as it is.

Good News Everyone!

After six months and 3000 miles, I now know how I’m getting back east!

This entire trip I’ve been trying to convince anyone I know to come out for the end and road trip it back east. It sounded like the perfect plan. I’d get someone I know and care about to be there to celebrate the end of this adventure with, and then we’d have a rockin’ road trip! I thought surely everyone would see the genius of this plan. But only one person was wise enough to listen, and that person is my mother. πŸ™‚

My mother left Maine yesterday and is on her way west. She’s picking up an aunt on the way over, and they should be here to celebrate my final steps into the ocean. Huzzah!

Then, we are road tripping it back east. I am super excited, you guys. Road trips = Win! My mom = Win! It’s a double win!

So Mom and Aunt Sally should be here around the 9th or 10th, and then I walk onto that beach and take the final steps into the Pacific on Saturday the 12th. (Be there!)

Unfortunately, I’m a little ahead of schedule here. So the plan for the moment is to find a place to chill for a few days until Mom and Aunt Sally show up, then enjoy their company while walking the last couple days – probably staying with them and doing the ol’ shuttle back and forth and section walk the last bit.

I have a few people I’m trying to connect with, but if you happen to know someone who would love to host an adventurer and her dog for a day or two in the San Diego area, send ’em on my way!



3 thoughts on “The plan, such as it is.

  1. Kelly, I am so happy for you! I would be there in a second if I didn’t have a little guy to take care of and put in school. I hope someday our paths meet again! Please keep in touch!

  2. Brilliant! Oh, if only I could ditch work for a couple of weeks and join you for your rad road trip. πŸ˜€ If I can dig up anyone around San Diego, I’ll letcha know, but I think all my Cali friends are closer to LA.

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