Fabulous Las Vegas!

Las Vegas wasn’t on my original route. It was actually on my “cities to avoid” mental list.  However, things change.  A big part of this Adventure has been learning to adapt to change and go with the flow.

As the seasons changed and I wasn’t as far as I had hoped, I realized walking north to Seattle or even straight towards San Francisco wasn’t an option any longer.  The winter was coming, and I’d be damned if I was going to walk this far just to die in the snow up in the mountains! So routes changed to adjust for the seasons and the end destination became San Diego….which would take us straight through Vegas.

I was apprehensive, since I am a country girl at heart and get very nervous in big cities.  But it’s turned into an awesome stop.  I ended up staying with some family friends I hadn’t seen in forever (Karen and Tom), and a follower gifted us with fancy rooms at Mandalay Bay along with a few perks (I got a foot massage and am going to see The Lion King tonight!).  We ended up here earlier than planned and staying an extra day, for a total of 5 days. Madness!

So what have I done with my time in “sin city”?  Well, nothing very sinful that’s for sure.

The first day Tom took me all around the strip, seeing the sights.  I ventured into the atrium in the Bellagio, which was all decked out with a Autumn theme.

Then we went over to France and checked out the Eiffel Tower.

We rode up to the top and got to watch the fountains at the Bellagio from way up there. That was pretty cool.

We spent quite a bit of time sightseeing and just generally having a good time.  That night I got to see the world’s largest television screen, which is here on Freemont Street.

Wednesday was spent relaxing at Tom and Karen’s house. A very welcome rest.  Then Thursday it was off to check out my room at Mandalay Bay!

Mandalay Bay (or specifically, THEHotel) is pet friendly, however you can’t leave your dog alone in the room. That was kind of a crimp in my plans.  It worked out okay, because I’m not a super night-life partying type of person, so I just spent both nights in the room.  The second night I went all out, with some wine and the biggest bathtub I have ever seen, with bonus wall-mounted TV right across from it!  It was luxurious.

After partying too hard, the boys decided they wanted to stay an extra night.  I was hesitant at first, because we’ve been here for awhile and I’m eager to get these last 300 miles walked and see that Ocean.  But it’s all worked out. I’m back at Karen and Tom’s place, and I’ve arranged to see The Lion King tonight.  I even went and bought a dress for the occasion! (I wouldn’t normally buy extra clothes on this walk, but I felt odd going to a show in my one somewhat-stinky outfit. So I splurged and bought a cute dress.)

So while I never planned to visit Las Vegas, and certainly not for this long, it’s been a lot of fun.  I’ve seen museums, fountains, touristy stuff, stayed in a room I never would have been able to see on my own, and tonight I’m going to a show.  Definitely a good stop. Thank you anonymous generous dude, you’ve given me quite a memorable (and relaxing and rejuvenating) stop on this adventure.

And tomorrow, we walk.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Las Vegas!

  1. I want to see a photo of you in your cute dress ^__^

    Las Vegas has never been on my bucket list of cities to visit, but if I found myself there by happenstance, I’d probably stick to the less-sinful Kelly version of events. Touring the sites and taking in a show sounds like a really fun time!


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