Final Destination: Dog Beach, San Diego CA. 11/11/11. 11am.

Come Nov 11 there will be a companion to this picture. Atlantic to Pacific!

And we have a date.


November 11, 2011

Dog Beach,  San Diego


Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, Kelly and Anna are coming to San Diego!  Be there.

Some people want solitude when they reach the end of a long journey. Time to sit and reflect on the journey past, the lessons learned, and the possible future. They want peace and quite and a time of meditation and reflection. Not me.

I want as many people there as possible. I want a row of high fives waiting as I take those final steps to the Pacific.  I want someone holding a stereo John Cusack style, playing some epic tune as I slow-mo run to the ocean.  I want a celebration!

I will have just walked from Maryland to California with my dog, I think I deserve a little celebrating!

So tell everyone you can think of to get to the beach on November 11, 11am.  Dogs, children, and strangers allowed and welcomed in!

And if someone wants to organize a rockin’ party for that night, to celebrate my walk across this amazing country, then I will be all for that.  If that someone wants to throw in some Rock Band and maybe some gaming, I’d be super all over that.

Spread the word, people.


4 thoughts on “Final Destination: Dog Beach, San Diego CA. 11/11/11. 11am.

  1. Bummer, Kelly…Ed and I have only one weekend planned for the rest of the year and it happens to be the weekend of 11/12. We would totally have been there otherwise (you know we love an excuse to hit San Diego!). We will be there is spirit, for sure.

    • On noes! That’s super sad, I was hoping you guys could make it. We were originally planning for the 5th, but have been delayed. Bummer.

  2. Hi I just stumbled on to your story in the sun journal. Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment. I hope you have a great celebration. I am hoping to do a much shorter trek across Colorado in a year or two. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Oh! I SO wish I could be there! I live in Oregon. But I tell you, I will certainly be there in spirit.

    I tried walking America back in 2009 and didn’t get to finish. I still want to. I still dream about what it would feel like to make that goal.

    I’m ecstatic for you!

    Good luck!

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