Anna’s feet

If you’ve been following the Twitter and Facebook updates you’ll know about Anna’s paw troubles. For those not following the Facebook/Twitter updates….you really should start doing that. I update those way more than this blog. But basically, Anna’s paws are pretty torn up and we’ve taken the past three days off to let her recover a bit.

In addition to rest, Anna is now the proud owner of a new pair of dog shoes to help protect her feet across the rest of the desert.

I know some people think getting shoes for dogs is a bit ridiculous, as dogs are pretty much built for walking all day and covering long distances. However, while dogs are meant to walk all day and cover a lot of ground, they’re not meant to walk twelve hours a day on hot pavement.  I was hoping that Anna would be okay, and throughout the entire walk I’ve kept a really close eye on her paws to make sure, but the Rockies followed by the desert – or maybe just walking from Maryland to Utah – turned out to be too much. So shoes it is!

At first Anna was a little unsure, but after a couple of short walks over the past three days of rest she’s gotten pretty used to ’em.


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