Rocky Mountain High

We have officially walked up, over, and through the Rocky Mountains.

And if feels pretty damn good.

Originally I was planning on getting a ride over the mountains and continuing walking to the coast from the other side. Mainly for fear of death by ninja cougars or raging bears that would surely attack a lone female hiker and her adorable dog. (Movies and television have assured me that the truly vicious animals go for the cute girls and dogs.) However, Fate intervened by way of Ralph and Alice offering a partnership through the mountains. And boy am I glad they did.

Walking through the mountains was an amazing experience. It’s nothing at all like the Appalachians or any of the mountains we have in Maine. There is just nothing to compare to the Rockies.

We started by going up and around Pike’s Peak.

Pike’s Peak, from a distance

Then worked our way up through a few mountain passes

Ute Summit

Wilkerson Pass, elevation 9502

Trout Creek Pass, elevation 9346

And eventually through our highest elevation and toughest climb up and over Monarch Pass

And then it was all easy sailing from there…..ha, no. That’s a lie.

Monarch Pass, elevation 11,312

But when we crested our last mountain pass, and saw not another row of summits before us but wide open land…

wide open below us

..well that was a pretty amazing feeling.

There were days where I thought the mountains would go on forever, but of course they didn’t.  It was both harder and easier than I thought it would be, walking through the Rocky Mountains, and I’m really glad I decided to hike on through instead of hitching a ride.  An experience on this adventure that I’ll never forget.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Yes! SO glad you got to do this! You just can’t describe it to anyone who hasn’t been through there. And to see it the way you have–even fewer people could fathom this. Thrilled that you got to share it with some one else.

  2. that’s an experience that not very many people will ever get to see. seeing the mountains while walking through them instead of seeing them whiz by as you look at them through the car windows had to be an amazing sight. so happy that you got to do it that way and that you had help to make it through safely!

  3. Kelly,
    I sent you a post a few days ago but not sure if you got it. Your uncle Tim Wells is one of my best friends since 6th grade. He contacted me about your jouney. I am very impressed how far you have made it walking accross the country. It reminds me of a John Muir advanture. Anyway I live in Park City, UT with me wife and three young kids and a lab. So if you and your friend and dogs want to head this way you can stay with us as long as you need to regroup after your CO adventure. We may be a bit north of your currant route but you could always catch a ride up to Park City then back down to Moab and continue on from there. Anyway contact me if you want (801-599-2748) and GOOD LUCK!

  4. I always wanted to take a trip through the Rockies on horseback when I was much younger-and then life got in the way. I envy you.
    Uncle John O

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