Walk on

Last summer I walked from Albany to Buffalo, following the Erie Canal.  It was to be a trial, of sorts, for the grand adventure of walking across America.  After reaching the end my mother asked how I felt. I replied that I was proud to have reached my goal, but that it didn’t feel as though I had gone far enough.  She replied, “Kelly, it’s never going to be far enough.”

Looking at the map and realizing that I am relatively close to the end of this adventure, I have a sneaking suspicion that she was right.

We’ve come so far, and the end so close.

I’m looking at this picture, contemplating how far Anna and I have walked and how far we’ve yet to go, and instead of being amazed at the distance we’ve already covered I find myself thinking it’s not going to be enough.  I’m not going to want to stop.

I both long for and fear the end of this adventure.

But regret nothing.


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