Boulder, CO

Hello from Boulder, Colorado!

How, pray tell, did I end up in Boulder when I just crossed over the CO border yesterday?  I shall explain.

My older brother, John, lives in Boulder. The entire trip I was planning on stopping for a few days to visit. With me living on the east coast and John living in Colorado, we don’t see each other that often. So a chance to visit was pretty cool.

However, the timing was off.  I was planning on getting here the first week in September, but ended up moving a lot faster than planned. John has a busy schedule of weddings this summer, and my moving faster than planned was not working out. If I kept walking I’d end up getting in to Boulder when he was off in Maine at a wedding. Not cool.  I was not going to walk all the way to Colorado and not see my brother.  So John, being an awesome big brother, offered to come out to pick me up so we could have a few days of visiting before he has to take off.

So now I am in Boulder. Woo!


Now to figure out how to get to the coast.  The rest of the country was the easy part, this last stretch is the tough stuff. Going to take some actual planning now.


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