Wizard Woes; or How I Entertain Myself

the open road

That^ is what a lot of my days look like. A straight expanse of road lined with wide open fields.  Occasionally I’ll pass a farm, and mostly I’ll start and end in an actual town.  But for most of the day it’s just me, Anna, and the open road.

So, how the heck does an easily distracted, eternally bored, hard to entertain for long periods of time, girl like myself handle it?

Well, there are many answers to that question.

In Ohio I found my mp3 player…which died two days later. I did eventually buy a new one, so I do listen to music and sing along as I walk. Sometimes I just sing out loud minus the mp3 player. I talk to myself. Talk to Anna.   I make up songs about what I’m doing and thinking.  I tell myself stories. I ponder the changes in landscape and how massive cornfields have changed the environment and played their part in the changing weather patterns.  I think about the differences between the sky in the Midwest and the sky over New England.  I think about the pioneers who traveled West when they had no idea where West was or what was out there.  I think about where I’m going to sleep that night.

But mostly, I think about that damn Wizard.

You’re a Wizard, Harry. (found online)

Back in Ohio or Pennsylvania, I decided that somewhere out there, lurking in a mountaintop tower (or perhaps a really cool floating castle) is an evil Wizard intent on putting an end to my adventure.

possible hideout of evil Wizard (screencap from Guild Wars)

For some unknown reason, this Wizard does not want me to reach my destination. He sends sever thunder storms, massive amounts of rain and strong winds. He sucks all of the life out of an area in an attempt to intimidate me into turning back.

He lets loose his horrible hounds to chase us off.

let loose the terrible beast!

He gets minions to try and block my way.

Plants signs and attempts to melt roads, in an attempt to get me to give up hope, turn around and go back home.

Trail closed? Nice try, Wizard.

Disappearing road? We’ll find away around.

So now, whenever some obstacle is thrown at me – be it heat waves, caved in roads, or dogs chasing me down – I don’t get down, I just throw my fist in the air and yell “damn you Wizaaaard!”

Because I will not be fooled nor will I be intimidated!  I shall reach my destination, and no Wizard, no matter how tricksy or talented, is going to stop me.  His powers may be mighty, but my will is strong and I will continue on to the end.


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