Hello from Iowa!

Dear people who told me Iowa is super flat and boring, you are wrong.

Iowa. Not flat.

That may not look like much of an incline to you, but it is a heck of a lot more intimidating when you’re standing on the melting tar in the heat and walking up and down these “rolling hills” all day. It’s no Pennsylvania, but it’s still rough.

I have reached Iowa at the start of an epic heat wave. Lucky me! Predicted to be heat index of 110 F all week. Understandably, we are not walking today. Today we are resting in Davenport. Thankfully, the CouchSurfer hosts that took me and Anna in the night before were kind enough to welcome us for an extra night and day. Tomorrow I plan to get up before the sun and head out to beat the heat. The goal is a mere 14 miles down the road, but that is an eternity in this kind of weather. We shall see.

Yesterday was an odd day. Went up to LeClaire, Iowa to see the home base of the American Pickers tv show. That means we actually walked a full day but made zero gain in miles, since LeClaire is north-east of Davenport. It was totally worth it. Very cool to see in person. And there was a bunch of items that I recognized from the show.

Anna in front of Antique Archaeology, home of the American Pickers

So since I’m heading into pretty sparse territory I decided it was time to get myself some cooking gear. I went with the MSR Pocket Rocket stove and the Pinnacle Soloist. Just enough for oatmeal, hot drinks, or soups now and then. I’m pretty excited to try ’em out!

Course through Iowa has changed. I’ve decided not to follow the ADT route to try and save myself some time. Instead I’ll be heading pretty straight across and towards Omaha. Looks to be a pretty straightforward road, but we’ll see about that. Not many campgrounds or towns, it loos like, so might be forced to do some more ninja stealth camping along Iowa and Nebraska.

Notes on Utah and Beyond: Looks like it’s going to be near impossible to manage Utah and beyond into the desert without some sort of help. At least not with Anna by my side, and she’s stuck with me. So if anyone is interested in taking a very slow road trip across Utah and Nevada to act as car support, let me know! I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out before I get there – another three states at least.


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