Help a girl out, spread the word?

Help a girl out, and spread the word?

The more people who know about this walk, the more likely I am to have a friendly place to lay my head at the end of the day. I’ve been staying in campgrounds and the occasional hotel/motel, and the price is adding up. Sometimes I do stop and knock on people’s doors and see if I can tent in their yards, and most people have been super friendly and generous, but it would be awesome if I had an invite for a night.

I know a couple people who are hiking cross-country who do a lot of “stealth” camping. Which basically means they sneak off near the road and just set up wherever they can for the night. At this point I’m not quite comfortable doing that. I’d feel safer in an approved area and near other humans. Maybe some point down the road I’ll jump on that bandwagon, but for now I’m not quite there.

Not only sleeping arrangements, but the more that hear this the more likely I’ll meet friendly people along the way or *gasp* even have someone to walk with a ways.

Back in Pennsylvania I met Dawn. I was wandering around town looking for someplace to sleep and finding everything closed and empty. Dawn invited me up to her place to spend the night. The next morning not only did she drive me back to the trail, but she ended up walking with me for about 5 miles, which is huge because that means she had to turn around and walk 10 miles that day. You guys, that 5 miles flew by. It was such a gift to have someone along to chat with as we walked. It improved my entire morning, and as a result I had one of the best days on the trail yet.

I know not everyone can just jump off and walk with me – you have jobs or kids or, you know, a life. But if you help spread the word and let more people know where I’m going and what I’m doing, the odds are better that someone out there will have the time and energy to join me for a couple miles. And everyone knows that adventures are always better with a traveling party and companions.

So send your friends on my way! Direct them to or AdventureAwaits on Facebook. So many places to get your daily dose of me!


8 thoughts on “Help a girl out, spread the word?

  1. Hey girl! Wasn’t there a map at some point, showing where you were headed? I know you’re in Ohio right now, but don’t have a clear idea of where your route takes you from here . . .

  2. I think I have a feeling that you will have a traveling partner for a few days here real soon! Christy said she’d call you tomorrow (she got sidetracked today). Keep her nice n safe for me when she gets there! 😉

    • I am planning on coming to California, but at this point have no clue where I’ll end up. The Rockies and the Desert are making me hesitant. I’ll know more as I get closer, and will for sure keep you up to date!

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