Ladies of the World

I just realized, while organizing links on my website, that all of my “fellow adventurers” are male.

Where The Hell Is Matt?
Ryan Runs Europe
I’m Just Walkin’
Gary ‘Walkingman’ Hause

All men. All very cool dudes, but all dudes. So now I’m wondering, where are all the ladies at?

Anyone know of any good blogs/sites of female adventurers?


3 thoughts on “Ladies of the World

  1. Currently in the works! *lol* Actually, I am settled in on a new non-mobile adventure in Saipan for 2 years, but my goal is to learn enough here in that time that afterwards, I can begin traveling to remote, developing countries, and help out their medical clinics! I love your blog – very inspiring!

  2. Hello! I’m a female adventure. Planning a trip from Phoenix, AZ to Yellowstone national park. Any advice?

  3. august 5th around, ill be setting out on a southern trail, going from north to south,my hope to continue until next spring, starting in Ohio, where i currently live and moving into South Carolina and if the winter there is to harsh , which for tent sleeping i imagine it will be ill head to Florida for the winter then back up and then at some point i hope to travel up into new england states to see them. Hope i can do all with around 800. a month budget, it will have to work.

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