Wish List

And here is a list of items I would love to have on my next adventure. Which is coming up real soon now. I’m thinking of leaving the start of May. (Exact dates and paths to be announced…when I figure them out.)

New Sleeping Bag Done and done!

This is actually the sleeping bag I wanted to get the first time, but it was too expensive. I really lucked out in November and found this sleeping bag at the employee store. It is squishy and comfy and I loves it.

(You might have noticed that a good chunk of my gear is from LL Bean. Let me take a minute here to explain how I get most of my awesome LL Bean gear. Basically, I work there. I get an employee discount, and then access to the employee store.

The employee store is all the stuff that people return for whatever reason, but that can’t go back out on the sales floor. You pay a very small fraction of the price on all items in the employee store, but it’s definitely “buyer beware” as far as condition of some items. I’ve been super lucky when it’s come to getting gear for my travels.

For my first walk I ended up finding my pack at the employee store just days before I left. In fact, most of my LL Bean gear comes from there.

Okay back to the stuff.)

A new phone with GPS/internet capabilities. Also done and done!

I recently found Amazon Wireless and went ahead and purchased a shiny new HTC Incredible. I bought it before attending PAX so we could keep up with all the PAX twitter accounts and up to date con info. It also came in super handy for the navigation feature, as we got a bit turned around on all the one way streets in Boston.

This is something that I’m really excited about. Sure it’ll be nice to be able to send photos to Twitter and Facebook and keep up with people, but what I’m really happy about is the Maps and Navigation features. I got so turned around sometimes on my last walk, and I had nothing to go on but calling someone and asking if they could look up what street I was on on Google Maps or something. It will be so nice to be able to have that information at my fingertips.

Solar Charger Done! And it is pretty cool, I must say.

This is on the super awesome wishlist, and it looks like it might actually be in the budget. It works with cell phones, GPS, mp3 players, and cameras/camcorders. It would really be perfect for what I need.

A Stroller Done! But ended up getting a used BOB stroller, which is even better!

Used to carry my pack and gear, so that I can walk farther each day. I got this idea from other long distance walkers, such as Matt here, who use a more flatbed cart and totes to carry their gear. Using totes in a flatbed type of stroller is clever because you can carry more, organize things a little better, have easier access in a lot of cases, and totes can be airtight and waterproof.

However, I’m paranoid. I want to be able to keep on going if something happens to the stroller. I am also on a budget and without the cleverness to build one myself, so I’m looking at getting the above linked-to jogging stroller. I plan to use the stroller to carry my pack – using the child seat as a place to buckle my pack in – and maybe strap a cooler to the footrest area.

The one above has a supposed weight limit of 50lbs, which is alright. I mean, starting off on my Erie Canal walk my pack weighed in at 52lbs I think. So it’d be awesome if I happen to find something in the same price range that can carry a bit more, but I don’t think I’m going to. I can make a few sacrifices to meet the weight limits, if it really comes to that.

A New Tent

This is something that I honestly don’t need, it’s just something I want. The tent linked to above is the same basic tenet I have, just with a side entrance instead of the tunnel-like entry. And that’s really the main problem with my current tent, and it’s not a problem exactly, just a preference. It seems like it would be easier to put gear in and out of the tent with a wider side entrance. And less of a claustrophobic feeling with the wide side door.

There is also the fact that Anna hates the tent. I’m thinking (hoping) that part of her hatred comes from the tunnel-like front entrance, and that maybe if we had a wider side entrance she might feel a little more comfortable entering the tent. This is probably wishful thinking, but I’m clinging to it.

Either way, it’s something that will wait for a later adventure, as the tent I have works awesomely and there is no actual need for a new tent.

a new camera or a camcorder

My camera is kind of crappy. It does alright, but I’d really like one that takes better pictures, has a better zoom, and decent videos – possibly even a camcorder. (I’d like to mix in video blogs with my regular written entries.) And hey, as long as we’re talking dreams here, I’d also like one with a remote so maybe I could get some pictures of myself with Anna. I think on my last adventure I ended up with countless Anna pictures and two with me in them.

Sadly, this is something that will have to stay on the Wish List. I’ve looked and looked but if I want to get the other things mentioned here I really can’t afford a new camera or a camcorder. Which saddens me, but I’ll make do with the one I’ve got.


1 thought on “Wish List

  1. Hey there, check out the Lumix camera line by Panasonic. Excellent photo quality with decent video. They have little dudes that will fit in your pocket or larger ones like the one I just bought. Prices are reasonable for the quality.

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